An Opportunity Missed

Giorgio Belladonna
Giorgio Belladonna

During an event held in July 1975 a young British pair were playing against Belladonna and partner, and Belladonna made a face-up lead out of turn.

The declarer has his rights explained to him, and elected to accept the lead.

The contract failed.

Afterwards his partner hissed: Idiot!!!… dont you know that if you get a chance to refuse a lead made by Belladona you should automatically do it!!!

Incidentally you should try hissing «idiot» sometime. It’s not easy.

European Bridge Championships, Brighton 1975:


Terence Reese
Terence Reese

Terence Reese was leaving the Vugraph Room, where he was the principal commentator.

How’s it going? ask a member of the public.

Terence gave him a distant look and replied: What? The golf, the cricket or the backgammon?


Benito Garozzo
Benito Garozzo

What did Garozzo say when his partner bid 3NT on the misfit hand against Poland, and went four down?

Michael Vickers (the announcer): I dont know, but I judge it wise to disconnect the microphone.

24th European Bridge Championships 1965, Ostende

Psychology was not the strong point of a Hungarian player found drowning his sorrow at the bar one evening. He told a player from another country:

– This afternoon my opponents bid 7 hearts, I bid spades twice and held among others seven spades to the ace. Of course I was sure one of them was void in spades, so I did not lead my ace but another suit.

– I understand they made it and each of them had a spade

– Yes sir, but that’s not all: tonight our opps bid seven diamonds. I held the blank ace of spades and nobody ever mentioned that suit. Of course now I led that Ace, it was ruffed and it proved to be the only lead to give declarer the contract!!