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Bridge & Humor: The Tournament is Full

The Bridge club secretary was very apologetic, «I’m terribly sorry sir, but our registration for the tournament is full» .

«Wait just a minute,» the member argued,

 «If I told you that Zia Mahmood and Bob Hamman want to play, wouldn’t you register them?»

«Most definitely,» she answered. «Well,” said the member “since I happen to know that they both cannot make it, we’ll just take their slot»

 A woman after a terrible bridge night playing with his husband goes into a sporting goods store to buy a rifle.

«It`s for my husband,» she tells the clerk.

«Did he tell you what gauge to get?» asked the clerk.

«Are you kidding?» she says. «He doesn`t even know that I`m going to shoot him!»

Twenty teams in the field and you are in the last place?

Well, it could have been worse.


There could have been more teams in the field!


 To give you an idea of the kind of round robin we’ve had, the person who handled our side of the scoreboard was sick for the first three days and nobody noticed.


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