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Bridge & Humor: The story of Too-Tall Tex

Eddie Kantar
Eddie Kantar

The story of Too-Tall Tex by Eddie Kantar

Once upon a time, there lived a bridge player called Too-Tall Tex. Tex was so tall that he could easily look down into his opponents’ hands and see all their cards. It didn’t take Tex long to figure out that he played much better when he knew where all the missing honor cards were before he started to play. Too-Tall Tex never lost a finesse!

In one particular hand, Too-Tall Tex (sitting South) knew from his partner’s bidding that his team should try for either 12 or 13 tricks. Tex was afraid that if his partner, North, didn’t have the K he would need a finesse to take all 13 tricks.

Too-Tall Tex didn’t want to bid for 13 tricks until he took a «surveillance.» So Too-Tall Tex went out on a scouting mission looking for the K.

West knew all about Too-Tall. While Tex went out on his scouting mission, West, who had the K9 tucked his 9 in with his clubs, making Too-Tall Tex believe that West’s K was a singleton, or the only card he had in the suit.

When Tex saw that the K was a singleton, he thought he had all the tricks in the bag, and so he quickly bid for 13 tricks.

The opening lead from West was the Q, which Tex won in the dummy with the K.

At trick two, Tex led a spade to his A, expecting to snag West’s K. When West produced the 9 instead, Too-Tall Tex stormed away from the table, shouting, «I can’t play in a game with cheaters!»


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