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Bridge & Humor: The Murphy’s Law

 Partner always preempts in your singleton or void
If you have to guess a finesse, you guess wrong
If you have a choice between playing for the drop orfinessing you will make the wrong decision
If you run the queen from hand to the ace and let it ride the kingwill be singleton on your right
If you go up with the ace, the king will be on your left
If you double for penalty partner thinks it is for take out
If you double for take out partner thinks it is for penalty
You always count your cards and there are always 13 cards-except the time when you don’t count and then you have 12 or 14
 When opponents revoke it makes no difference because you win all the tricks anyway, but when your side revokes you lose 2 tricks
The director is always next to you when your mobile phone rings, but when you need him he is never there

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