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Bridge & Humor: The hand of a lifetime

Source: The hand of a lifetime By FRANK CAYLEY       

If you were vulnerable and dealt yourself the following hand in a game of rubber bridge:

AKQ110862  AKQ AK — what would you bid? I am sure you would regard it as the hand of a life time. Would you bid seven spades? And then, if an opponent doubled, would you redouble? If so, you would suffer a huge penalty of 2,200 Points, less a miserable 150 for honours. Here is the complete deal—although it never really happened. It was concocted for fun some years ago.


Note that seven no-trump is unbeatable and can be reached by any player who follows up an opening «force» with a Blackwood 4NT to ask for aces.

Even then the lure of «150 for honours in spades» would have to be resisted — and not many people could bring themselves to do this.


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