John was a fine bridge player. His wife, Elaine, was not.

During one of their innumerable games together, a violent argument erupted.

John began to upbraid Elaine unmercifully for her lesser bridge abilities in general and her unwillingness to bid game on the previous board in particular.

The opponents, obviously disturbed by the sudden exchange, hurried them along to the next hand.

John sullenly opened one heart. LHO passed. Still fuming, Elaine sat perfectly still arms folded and eyes flashing.

She made no attempt to remove her cards from the board. «Four hearts,» she snapped, glaring at her husband. All passed.

John pulled out her cards, spread the dummy, and handily made his contract.

He eyed Elaine and remarked dryly, «From now on, always leave your cards in the board. You do much better when you don’t look at them.»

Submitted by Cornelia Porter Naperville, Illinois.