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Bridge & Humor: Short Jokes

Joe: I hate my Partner
Sam: Why don’t you find another one?
Joe: No use. Changing partners is like changing cabins on the Titanic.

A man was playing bridge with his father, who had not played bridge in years.  On the first hand the father was the dealer and said: Pass.  His son said: Dad, you have to use the bidding box.  His father picked up the box and whispered into the box: Pass.

A married couple are not speaking to each other after a horrible game and are driving home from a distant bridge tournament. They pass by a field where there are many donkeys. The husband breaks the silence by asking the wife: «Relatives of yours»?  «Yes» she says, «In-laws».

Joe:  Notice any improvement since last year? 
Sam: You combed your hair, didn’t you?

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