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Bridge & Humor: Quotes from the VU-Graph

Source: 26th BERMUDA BOWL Stockholm 1983 ( as recorded by B.K.Boswell

All comments are by Edgar Kaplan.

There are wicked people in this world who would falsecard with that queen of diamonds to lure declarer to his destruction. Of course Belladonna would never do that.

He’s executing a sort of interesting squeeze where declarer has all the rest, so the opponents can’t hold on to any of their winners.

It’s one of those hands where every time you’ re on lead, it costs you a trick, Of course, if you were never on lead, it would cost more.

You’d think that with, a complete yarborough you would be saved the indignity of a squeezers. But in fact dummy, in spite of holding no high cards, was well squeezed.

Fast’s overcall will probably have the usual result of a weak overcall it pushes the opponents too high and then tells them how to make it.

Two clubs has been made exactly by the defenders.

In spite of their artificial systems, the New Zealand pairs make many natural bids — about four or five each session.

He led fifth best from his second longest.

You can’t be absolutely sure all trumps are drawn until you play one and both defenders show out.

The only thing wrong with the three notrump contract was that there were three, cards offside — all aces.

The bid presupposes a fit with partner’s spades. Trouble is partner doesn’t have a suit to fit with.

Does anyone want to guess which suit will be bid most on this auction?

This auction came in like a lion and went out like a lamb.

This hand represents a triumph of inaccuracy.

As long as the king is in the same place at the other table, you don’t have to worry. It’s when the king jumps from the West hand to the East hand that you must be concerned.


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