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Bridge & Humor: Quotes from the VU-Graph II

Source: 26th BERMUDA BOWL Stockholm 1983 ( as recorded by B.K.Boswell

All comments are by Edgar Kaplan.

The number of players who enjoy doubling the opponents into game can be counted on one toe.

An overcall like West’s is a brave bid or a foolish one depending on whether the opponents can find a way to double it.

Franco and DeFalco would be well-placed in the post mortem except that protocol on the Italian team dictates that only Belladonna can bawl out Garozzo and only Garozzo can bawl out Belladonna.

He expected to lose 10 IMPs. He’ ll be surprised to learn he won 7 — but he’ ll accept them.

The only Americans who would get to six hearts on that hand are sitting in the audience, so no fear.

Poor Chagas has quite a good hand, but one of his suits was bid on his left, the other on his right, and partner bid his singleton.

I don’t see how declarer can make this hand. Still, the defenders may find a way.

He made a decision which could be justified only by success and it wasn’t successful.

The number of points needed for game, Jean, depends on which one of us is declarer.

So we have high drama: Will there be an overtrick? Will they win an IMP? Tune in tomorrow, same time, same station.

They say, «When there is six, there is seven.» But I’ ve seen cases of «When there is six there is five.»

Five-nothing is not so bad. My wife voluntarily reached a contract of five clubs once and ran into an eight-nothing distribution.


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