The Milwaukee Journal – 11 May 1943

Believe it or Not

Ely Culbertson
Ely Culbertson

Ely Culbertson the bridge expert, was once stranded in Paris without the price of passage to New York.

One night he drifted into a gambling house and staked his last few francs on the turn of the wheel.

While the wheel was still spinning another player happened to bump into him. He not only refused to apologize he even started calling Culbertson names.

The latter asked him to step outside to settle the dispute.

The ensuing scrap lasted half an hour.

In the meantime Culbertson had won his first bet, and the chips had remained on the same place. The money kept doubling and redoubling itself.

By the time he returned, he was 20.000 francs to the good-ample money for an ocean crossing and a wardrobe.