Bridge & Humor: It Happened During a Tournament


Toledo Blade – Dec 26, 1971

Tannah Hirsch, editor of the Bulletin, official magazine of the American Contract Bridge League, is also editor of the daily Bulletin issued at the national tournaments. In It, he occasionally records amusing incidents that happen during a tournament.

Here is one from the recent tournament in Phoenix.

It happened in the mixed pairs.

The auction had gone:

West North East South
1 Pass 2 Pass

North turned to his right hand opponent and asked: «Four what, Madam?»

«I don’t know if you’re entitled to ask that question!» retorted the lady indignantly.

«Well, Madam, if you won’t complete your bid, I have no alternative but to summon the director,» north said.

«Call him, then» retorted the lady, in high dudgeon.

The TD arrived at the table, heard the story, and, in an at tempt to pacify both parties, turned to North and said:

«I think It’s quite clear what the lady’s intention was.»

«In that case,» was north’s comeback, «I bid 5»