Bridge & Humor: In a low stake rubber bridge game


Source: Ottawa Citizen – Aug 2, 1940 by WM. E. McKenneyBridge & Humor M1

In a low stake rubber bridge game, the experienced player sometimes has a tendency to fool a bit.

John C Kunkel, congress-man from Pennsylvania, held the West cards in today’s hand in a rubber bridge game.

After South’s opening bid of two spades, Congressman Kunkel decided he would try to needle his opponents into a slam bid by making it appear that he was afraid they would get to a slam.

He plunged into the bid of six clubs. That was too much for North, who bid six spades.

That might be the end of the story, had Kunkel been playing in a tournament —but this was social bridge and he was looking for some fun.

Although he had the six-spade contract definitely set, holding the ace and king of trump, Kunkel thought they would stand for a little more push and bid seven clubs, and North bid seven spades.

Yes, then the congressman doubled. Truly strategic bidding, but isn’t Congress as a whole a strategically bidding group?