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Bridge and honeymoons do not mix. One or other partner is not giving full concentration to one activity or the other. 

A bridge addict went on honeymoon with his non-bridge wife to the World Championships where he spent a great deal of time watching the bridge. His new partner in life went along with him to show interest in his hobby.

However, he kept watching the bridge and she kept watching the time, but he kept watching the bridge, until finally the wife had had enough.

She left the playing area, sat down in the hotel foyer and burst into tears. An international player noticed her distress and being a kindly soul, he comforted her over a drink in the hotel lounge.

‘I stood it until the forty-sixth board. Then I just lost my temper and ran out,’ she said.

‘That was a mistake,’ said the expert. ‘You really should have stayed. Board 46 was by far the best hand of the session.’