Wednesday March 25th 2015

We find Edgar Kaplan’s droll wit as a commentator quite refreshing. These are some of his comments during a VG session at the: 26th BERMUDA BOWL Stockholm 1983.

North ran from the danger of the eight-card fit to the safety of the seven-card fit.

He promised 15 to 17 high card points and had 14. The 15 points he didn’t have included all four jacks.

They played in their 4-3 fit rather than in their 4-5 fit. It’s much more interesting in 4-3. We’ re all here for fun, aren’t we?

Garozzo is to be congratulated. He has played all these boards without once making a cuebid.

They’ re swimming around in a fog at the five-level.

It wasn’t clear what East was planning to gain with his play. What is clear is that it didn’ t.

My powers of prediction are greatly enhanced when I can see the score.

The result is much better than the contract.

I know people who could go down on this hand, but I don’ t believe any of them are here.

It was totally accurate bidding. East bid one heart, which he can make South bid 1S, which he can make. North bid 2S, which he can make. And West bid 3D, which he will make.

It’s never right to go down.