St. Petersburg Times – 26 May 1935

It has always surprised me when bridge players carried their disagreements beyond the point of the difference in opinions. After all, Bridge is a game and Contract, with its millions of variated hand patterns, offers a wide field for discussion.

This does not of necessity call for hostility. Why some bridge players must quarrel is still a mystery to many. An out-of-town expert, spending a few days in New York, visited a famous expert who lives in a sumptuous apartment high up in a sky-scraper.

He had a pleasant visit until there was a disagreement in a bridge game. The disagreement was so bitter that it was obviously impossible for the men to remain under the same roof any longer.

So the host went to a hotel, leaving his apartment to the out-of-town expert. Obviously, he couldn’t keep his self-respect and stay in the same place with such a man; and he I couldn’t ask a guest to leave his apartment, could he?