The Milwaukee Sentinel 

Overheard at a bridge club: «Have you heard the latest?» «Heard it? My dear, I started it»

If you can play golf and bridge as though they were games, you’re about as well adjusted as you’re ever going to be.

«My dears,» gushed the matron at the bridge party. «my resolution this year is never to repeat gossip—so for heaven’s sake listen carefully the first time.»

Socialized medecine: When women get together at a bridge party and talk about their operations.

A big loser once gave this definition of bridge — a card game in which you usually get terrific poker hand.

A genuine old-timer can remember when a data processing center was known simply as a women’s bridge club.

No-fault divorce and no-fault accident Insurance are working, but you can bet they’ll never be able to extend it to no-fault bridge partners.

Woman to bridge club members: ‘I have the most marvelous recipe for goulash — all I have to do is mention it to my husband and he says ‘Let’s eat out.'»

The continuing fascination of the game of bridge seems to be that it constitutes a triumph of mind over chatter.

The only thing worse than being on the wrong side of a bridge argument is to be on the right side with nobody listening.