4th Common Market Bridge Championships, The Hague, Holland. April, 1973

You wont believe it!!!.-

Scenery: The Open Room.

Date: Yesterday, April 2nd 1973

Actors : 2 mixed pairs + one lady.

As it sometimes happens during a play one of the, in this case, gentlemen had to leave the table because he had the feeling it was getting time he needed to wash his hands. The timing was perfect because he was dummy. Out he went.

His place was temporarly taken by, I think, one of the feminine N.P.C.’s. so far so good.

At this moment a member of the organizing committee came into the scenery. As she told me, she couldn’t believe her eyes, seeing three ladies and only one gentleman playing in a mixed team. She was completely surprised, not knowing what to do.

She went to a couple of her co-members. This group started to discuss the problem heavily, not finding a direct solution. Panic, panic, panic.

This story came abruptly to an end with the return of the, of course complete ignorant, gentleman player, who simply took his seat again.

Result: nothing had happened.