Bridge & Humor: Auction and Contract featured in Radio Bridge


The Milwaukee Journal – Nov 22, 1927

Did you know that in the 20s bridge was played and was transmitted by radio. The audience could take lessons with one of the best of the moment, Milton C. Work? .

Milton Cooper Work (September 15, 1864 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – June 27, 1934) was an American authority on whist, bridge whist, auction and contract bridge.

Milton C. Work
Milton C. Work
In his writings on bridge during the last seven years of his life, Work adopted Bryant McCampbell’s 1915 suggestion for evaluating balanced hands using a point count method: Ace = 4, King = 3, Queen = 2 and Jack = 1.
This was the Journal Add:

Do you know how to test your hand for an Informatory double — how to answer it if made by your partner— how to show your partner you like his lead—when to led trumps and when to use them for ruffing?

All these questions answered in the Radio Bridge Game to be broadcast from WTM J-9:00-9:30 p. m. Bid and play this Radio Hand yourself, before broadcasting time. Then you can learn, from the experts, just where you need to strengthen your game.

These are the players and their cards:

Dealer South

Eugene R. Dun
 A 10 9 7
 Q 7 5 2
 K 9
 A Q 3
C.J. McDiarmid Milton C. Work
 J 5
 J 9 4 3
 Q 10 8 5 3
 J 5
   K 6 4 2
 A K 10
 A J 4
 K 8 6
Wilbur C. Whitehead
 Q 8 3
 8 6
 7 6 2
 10 9 7 4 2

A Summary of the game as broadcast will appear in This newspaper. Clip it and save it for future use.

Bridge by radio 3