Bridge & Humor: A Funny Story by Matthew Mallory


I play a lot of bridge in U.S. Regional and National tournaments. If you pay attention, you can collect a lot of funny stories. Here is one …

Buffett + Gates
Buffett + Gates

I was playing in a Knockout Teams match against Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

At my table Gates was partnered by Bob Hamman (I guess you know who he is), while at the other table Buffett was partnered by Sharon Osberg (a pro player who is involved with Bridge Base Online).

Bob Hamman

At our table Hamman opened 2NT (vulnerable) and Gates passed with KJxxx!!

At the other table my teammate bid 3NT with Bill’s cards, Osberg led a 4th best into declarer’s AQ, and 9 tricks were taken without risking the finesse for 600.

At my table partner led a top-of-nothing from 3 to my KQJ10xx.

Hamman now couldn’t risk the finesse and took his 8 tricks for 120.

Sharon Osberg
Sharon Osberg

After the hand, Hamman asked about the Q and found it was on-side. He silently cursed his partner and penciled in an almost certain minus 10 IMPs.

Before we could start the next hand Gates asked, in a very shy voice, “Would some people have bid with my hand?”

We can’t respond, of course, and Hamman is thinking about exactly how to say to the richest man in the world, “Of course, you…! This is IMPs and I’m a pretty good declarer.”

But Gates is a very smart fellow. After a few moments of silence he says,

“Well. Would everybody have bid with my hand?”

This broke the tension. We all laughed and Hamman responded, “Yes, but we know one player who wouldn’t.”