Bridge & Humor: A Bridge Anecdote


24th BERMUDA BOWL; October 18, 1979. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Henry Francis
Henry Francis

On an outing yesterday morning Henry Francis, the Daily Bulletin Editor, managed to SLAM the door of a taxi on his finger. This occured while in front of H. Stern’s, the object of the trip was to pick up some nice baubble for his wife.

How he managed this extraordinary feat is still unknown except maybe to him!. For the hand that was damaged was the one he was closing the door with. Nevertheless, he accomplished his deed.

Lia Cintra, Gabino Cintra, Pedro Castello Branco,  Adelstano Porto D'Ave, Zilda Porto D'Ave de pie, Gabriel Chagas
Lia Cintra, Gabino Cintra, Pedro Castello Branco,
Adelstano Porto D’Ave, Zilda Porto D’Ave
de pie, Gabriel Chagas

Lia Cintra was on this trip and proved; to be a most valuable companion besides being pretty!. She handled everything -with maximum efficiency, Henry was taken to Gabriel Chagas uncle’s offices and have seven stitches in his poor finger. This proved to be quite a hindrance as it is one of his hardest working fingers.

He couldn’t manage, the H-J-I on his typewriter. Word quickly spread and some of the attendant press…friends! brought of offerings for the next Bulletin. Things worked out and the Bulletin was finished on time, BUT it sure seems an awful hard way to avoid buying some jewelery. What a way to save a FEW dollars…