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Bridge & Humor: A 1931 Important Bridge Question

David Burnstine
David Burnstine

Source: Reading Eagle – Apr 30, 1931 by David Burnstine

LATE in the evening recently a telephone call came in to the Cavendish Club in New York, one of the famous bridge clubs in America.

The caller was a woman, who said she had an important question to ask and begged that some authoritative player answer her. The player most conveniently at hand at the moment was Oswald Jacoby, who has distinguished himself in many tournaments.

Jacoby went to the telephone and heard this query:

Oswald Jacoby
Oswald Jacoby

«We are playing bridge at my house and by accident I happened to get a good peep at one of my opponent’s hands. I want to ask you whether I should call out the cards I saw to the other players?»

Jacoby answered courteously and in all gravity that she was not obliged to call out the cards and the woman hung up, satisfied that she had learned a new rule in bridge.


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