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Bridge: Generation Z

Generation Z is one name used for the cohort of people born after the Millennial Generation. There is no agreement on the exact dates of the generation with some sources starting it at the late 1990s  or from the mid 2000s to the present day. This is the generation which is currently being born.

In [ilink url=»»]Bali 2013[/ilink] , Fernando Lema filmed an interview that the World Champion Brogeland Boye Brogeland did to Anders Brogeland.

Anders is Boye’s son and he is just 8 years old. Bali is his first World Bridge Championships and he played with his father. No doubt Anders is a worthy representative of the bridge generation Z and as such is worth listening to:


Agustin Madala en Bali 2013

In Argentina was raised a representative of the Milemium generation, the one before of Anders’s generation, which today is a World Champion: [ilink url=»»]Agustin Madala[/ilink] .

 This is what Adolfo Madala, Agustin’s father, told Fernando Lema, a few years ago:

Adolfo Madala
Adolfo Madala

¿How did you start to teach your children?

The problem was that I had to wait until they could grab 13 cards with one hand, while Agustin was more precocious he held them with both hands. Adolfito was 11 and Agustin 8,. First we start at home to take tricks, eventually we incorporated the no-trump concept, and finally we arrived to the auction, María Eugenia my wife, sat there and we all four played.

The first hand we played, were 4 doubled, played by Adolfito and done. That prompted them to celebrate running around the table, I suggested them never to repeat that in the club.

Almost immediately they began to play in the Bridge Club Recoleta, which brought us some problems with some club members. In 1995 Agustin played with me his first duplicate, he was only nine years and Adolfito played the same day with the «Pulpo Pinedo». In 1999 the boys played their first South American Youth  Champiònship (Argentina B team) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The following year they began to play nationals, in 2001 only six years later, Agustin joined the Argentine team that went to play the South American Championship who qualified for the World Championship, in Cochabamba (Bol), and won the South American Open Championship.

¿ After this experience: do you think bridge was useful for your children?

I think it was useful for their school and also it was socially useful. They easily integrated into a community where respect to norms is a very strong rule!!

Now you have a granddaughter, Juanita, Agustin’s daughter… Are you going to teach her?

The father will teach her for sure…and I will contribute all I can.

How it resonates…NO? 


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