Ron Klinger

Source: Gold Coast Bulletins

West leads 5. Plan your play.


On this deal from a Swiss Pairs scored by Imps, declarer succumbed to temptation and paid a heavy price:West led the 5. Declarer should rise with the A and play trumps, relying on a favourable trump break. If hearts are 3-2, the contract is safe. After trumps have been drawn, you can knock out the K. One of dummy’s clubs can go away on your fourth diamond if necessary and you can ruff a spade loser in hand and a club loser in dummy.

West had no good lead but a singleton is an attractive start when you have a very weak hand and poor trumps. Declarer erred by taking the diamond finesse. East won and returned the 2, suit-preference for clubs. West ruffed and played a club to East. Another diamond ruff followed and declarer had to lose to the A for two down in a cold contract.