InicioIntermediate @enBridge for the Improver by Ron Klinger

Bridge for the Improver by Ron Klinger

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Dealer: East ; Vul None

West North East South
    Pass 1
Pass 3 Pass 4
The End      
  Q J 10 6
K 8 5 2  

South wins the opening lead and plays the 4. Dummy has entries.

Who has the ace? Do you play the king or do you play low?


With A-x or A-x-x, declarer is highly likely to take the normal spade finesse as dummy has entries. East is almost certain to have the ace and you should play low.

The layout could be like this:

  Q J 10 6  
K 8 5 2   A 9 7 3

When the 4 is led, if West plays the K, declarer can later cross to dummy and lead the Q. If East plays the ace, South ruffs and dummy has two spade tricks. The defence makes only one spade trick.

If West plays low, declarer will play an honour from dummy. East wins with the ace. Later declarer can lead an honour from dummy and let it run if East plays low. Now the defence makes two tricks and declarer only one.


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