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World Cup of Online Bridge:

You can read all about it here: 

On November 2014; bridge bigBridge Big announced that they are hosting the 1st World Cup of Online Bridge. Total prize money for the event is set at €25,000 with €8,000 (i.e. 10,000 USD) for the winner. The grand final of the event will be held on 1 February 2015 on and is open to all players. It will be possible to enter the final directly or through qualifier tournaments with entry fees of €14 or €70. The qualification tournaments have started today and will run until January 31st.

bridge bigBridge Big have a special Qualifier this 27th of december.BB Christmas special

It is a qualifier for the Grand Final of the Bridge On-Line World Cup. We want guests, world class players and all juniors (18-28) in the world to have a chance to participate. The tickets are worth 70 euro each because the top 20% of all the participants in the tournament will receive a Grand Final ticket.
Bob Drijver
Bob Drijver
bridge bigBridge Big have a Special offer for all the Juniors of the world: All juniors (18-28) are very welcome to email us at or to receive a FREE ticket to the qualifier on december 27th. And so have a chance to take part in the BIG tournament on the 1st of february.
bridge bigBridge Big has gave 10 FREE tickets for our readers, so if you are interested just write us an email to… if there are too much requestes we will draw 10 of them and send to the lucky ones an email with the instructions to receive their ticket…

BB WOC 2015The World Cup of Online Bridge grand final is an online knockout tournament to be held on February 1st 2015. You can register to the final directly for €350 or qualify through step tournaments that start at €14.

For all the information about the tournament please visit:
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