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Bridge Big: Duplicate Bridge for Serious Money

Source and Click to Play: Bridge Big

Bridge Big enables you to win money playing the world’s best card game: BRIDGE. Bridge Big is all about making this safe and enjoyable for bridge players.

Playing on Bridge  is very easy. Tournaments are presented as arrows that fill up as people join. A Guaranteed tournament starts at a specific time with a guaranteed minimum prize pool. To enter a Guaranteed tournament, you only have to click on one of the arrows and register.

Bridge big are introducing Guaranteed tournaments with prize pools starting at €250 on weekdays, €500 on Saturdays and €1,000 on Sundays!
These tournaments have a lot in common with their Grand Opening Tournament:

  • Daily start at 9pm Amsterdam time
  • Minimum guaranteed prize pools
  • Unlimited numbers of players
  • Low buy-in



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