Buenos Aires, December 9, 2015

Who is the team Cayne new partnership?

Mustafa Cem Tokay-Antonio Sementa
Mustafa Cem Tokay-Antonio Sementa

Just a few minutes ago the International Master Mustafa Cem Tokay  confirmed me that he and his partner, the World Grand Master Antonio Sementa will join the Cayne team throughout 2016 to contest in the USA NABCs.

So in 2016 the team Cayne will be formed by the following partnerships:

Versace – Lauria

Cayne – Seamon

Tokay – Sementa

Both remain in the Angelini team, and also will be part of the team «Ventin» in the next Transnational South American Championship: Medellin 2016 and also in the Slava Cup.

Good luck to both and our sincere congratulations ….

By ferlema