Breaking NewsWe approached Giorgio Duboin to ask him about the incorporation of Alejandro Bianchedi to the Lavazza team these are his comments:

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A few days ago the news was that Alejandro Bianchedi would join the Lavazza team, what can you say about it.

I think Ale is an optimal player and he is an optimal solution for the Lavazza team.

Georgio Duboin - Guido Ferraro
Georgio Duboin – Guido Ferraro

As you all know besides Agustin Madala, Norberto Bocchi and me, Guido Ferraro and Maria Teresa Lavazza are part of the team.

Generally Maria Teresa plays with me and sometimes alternate with Guido, but the team was looking for a player who could play with me but also with all other players on the team, to give rest to the players that could need it.

Sra. Maria Teresa Lavazza

Ale is Argentine but it’s also Italian and this is an advantage because in the future we can also think in a national team. Agus is always traveling alone from Argentina, finally he is going to be able to travel with a friend. ­čśë

How do you see yourself starting a new partnership with an Argentine player?

I am very happy to play with Ale, we decided to play the same system that play Agus and Norby; which is very good but is also very difficult. I played many years a very similar system with Norby and Ale can count not only with my help but also with Agustin help, to learn and to make the system a part of himself.

Agustin Madala/Alejandro Bianchedi
Agustin Madala/Alejandro Bianchedi

I think we will not have any problem because Ale besides of being a great player is polite and gentle in addition to being a very sympathetic person. Obviously the style of play at the beginning will be different and he will have to be the one to get used to play as the Italians do (the Italians do it better ­čść ) but I’m sure he will make it.

┬┐Apart from Alejandro, did you handled other options?

Although we thought of other players besides Alexander, we considered that he was by far the best option.

Bocchi-Madala in Bali 2013

To build a new partnership is difficult but also exciting, I’m happy to prove myself again. In those tournaments that Alejandro can not play I’m going to do it with Guido but always playing the same system so we can create the possibility of interchangeable players.

Lately we have heard a version that connects you with Zia Mahmood playing American Nationals, what can you tell us about it?

With Zia Mahmood we talked about playing some pairs event in a NABC, but we have nothing yet. It depends on how things go next year.

Zia Mahmood jugando la Lederer
Zia Mahmood jugando la Lederer

Any chance that Team Lavazza come to play the nex Open South American Championship in May 2014 in Chile?

Maria Teresa loves the idea of going to play the South American Transnational Bridge Festival, [ilink url=»»]Santiago 2014[/ilink] in May and I hope to convince her to take a final decision soon.

Un abbraccio Giorgino

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