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Brazilian Bridge Championship 2014

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jur_aer6The Brazilian Bridge Championship 2014 will begin on Saturday, September 6th, 2014 at 16h, with a Pairs Tournament qualifier session. Afterwards there will be a welcome  cocktail reception for all the participants.

On Sunday (07/09) from 12:00 will take place the second Pairs Tournament session, where the participants will be divided into two tournaments semifinals, according to the result of the qualifiers. The final will be played on the same Sunday, from 19:00 pm with the participation of the most highly rated in the semifinals and the best in the semifinal B.

On Monday (08/09) will be the captains meeting at 11:00 am. Afterwards (around noon) will start the Tournament Teams RR, finishing on Thursday (11/09). There will be played 50 boards per day between 12:00 am and 20:00 pm.

On Friday (12/09) the final stage of each series will begin: Open and Ladies Championship, at the same time. The game will end around 19:00 pm on Saturday (13/09) a dinner party and awards ceremony will be held.


Participation in the event is by invitation and there are no nationality restrictions. Therefore, any player can send his full name or the name of the Federation which he belongs with the list of tournaments he wants to play to the Credentials Committee of the Brazilian Bridge Federation, through the contact menu in the official website of the event:  Click Aqui .

Tournaments Fees

Pairs:  entry cost of R $ 250.00 per pair.

Teams: entry cost of R $ 1,900.00 per team. Remember that national players must in good standing with payments to FBB and foreign players must pay an additional fee of U $ S 80.00 per player.

 Hotel:  Hotel Jurerê Il Campanario Village Resortjurere 1

 The stay throughout the tournament, arrival 06/09 and exit 14/09, the value is R $ 321.00 for the Junior Suite and R $ 450.00 for the suite. Price is per double room and includes breakfast. There is the possibility of  apartments (4 people), accessed with an extra value per person of R$ 98.00.

 All the Information in the Official Site 0f the Event:

Brazilian Bridge Championship 2014


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