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Brazil: d’Orsi team Wins the CPEL 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The CPEL or the Taça San Pablo is the Bridge Teams Championship from San Pablo, Brazil. This tournament, whith the participation of many of the best Brazilian teams, each year begins with a qualifying Round Robin. At the end of it, the four best placed teams play the semifinals. This year finals were played by Amaral and d’Orsi teams.

d’Orsi: Ernesto d’Orsi- Mauricio Figueiredo – Miguel Villas Boas – Guillerme Junqueira – Joao Paulo Campos – Renato Ilibio Fernandes

Amaral: Marcelo Amaral- Sergio Aranha – Jose Nader – Sergio Rodrigues – Luiz Fernando Amaral – Federico Alfredo Kladt

Last Results:

Equipe c/o 1ª R
= 2ª R
= 3ª R
= 4ª R
= 5ª R
= 6ª R
D´ORSI 4 27 42 32 46 27 42 0 220
AMARAL   32 7 20 48 19 26 0 152

This interesting board was played during the first set of 16 boards:CPEL 2014 Tab 13  Final

Board 13

 After Campos pass, Amaral decided to open his hand with a 2 bid. His partner with 2NT, asked for a short suit (as was alerted), and when he learned about his partner’s singleton heart, he closed the spade game. 

Villas Boas led the 5.

Declarer made 13 easy tricks, scoring +710. CPEL 2014 Tab 13 a Final

At the other table after Aranha’s pass, Junqueira opened 1, Fernandes showed his 5 or more heart cards with a forcing game hand. Junqueira informed over his weak hand with six spades cards and Fernandes told his partner about his strong hand with 6 hearts. Now East, confirmed a weak hand with short hearts with 3.

Fernandes took the baton, asked keycards and declare the spade slam.

Lead: A

Marcelo Amaral led his A,  and continued with another club. The declarer ruffed with the K and played the Q. Continued with A y K, pitching his J, and a diamond to his A, he played the A and when he saw South pitching a club…he realized he couldnt made it…the 9 was the second defense trick so he claimed 11 tricks…one down. Amaral added 13 IMPs.

The hand can be made, with a  Grand Coup, but only if declarer, stops when he watchs South playing the 10 over the Q, in the third trick…It would have been fun if East, using the Restricted Choice Principle, decides to prepare a coup and ruffs some of his winners to shorten his trumps to the same length as North …let’s see …

After playing the Q, declarer plays the A y K, pitching the J and continues ruffing the Q in his hand. He returns to dummy with a high diamond and ruffs another high heart, now declarer has also three trumps. He plays another small diamond to the K and plays a heart…North surrenders…

  9 6 4


9 8
7 5

  A J 8



Q 7 5

The 6 contract has an easy play…


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