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Brasileiro 2014: The Second Set of the Final

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September 13, 2014

In the Jurerê Il Campanario Village Resort in Florianopolis, Brazil, was being played the 2014 Brasileiro Bridge Teams Championship and BBO was transmitting the second set of the final, these were the teams playing:

d’Orsi: Ernesto D’Orsi – Maurício Figueiredo – João Paulo Campos – Miguel Villas Boas – Agustin Madala

Chagas: Gabriel Chagas – Paulinho Brum – Tito Muzzio – Carlos Pellegrini – Marcelo Branco- Alejandro Bianchedi

 The second of the three sets of the Final match began d’Orsi 18,5 to Chagas 13 and ended with d’Orsi team ahead by 18 IMPs.

Here the three boards that moved the ammeter.Brasileirao 2014 F 2do set Tab 5

Board 5

After North pass, Pellegrini opened with a 1 bid. Villas Boas with his powerful hand doubled and West passed. Campos showed his four cards heart suit and Villas Boas closed the game.

Contract: 4

Pellegrini led the K. Declarer won with the A and played a small heart, when West played the J, Villas Boas played a small heart.

Brum returned a diamond, East won the trick with the Q and repeated another diamond, declarer ruffed with the 4 and left his hand with a small heart.

When West played the 10, Villas Boas again played small…watching East’s A over the table the declarer claimed his contract.Brasileirao 2014 F 2do set Tab 5 a

At the other table Madala also opened 1 and Bianchedi doubled. But Figueiredo chose to show his spades. Muzzio passed!. Madala supported his partner’s suit and South doubled again showing his strong hand.

After Mauricio’s pass, Muzzio said 2NT, Madala doubled, Bianchedi passed, West passed and now North showed his heart suit with 3, Madala competed with 3…and this end the bidding.

Declarer was two down but received 11 IMPs for his team. Brasileirao 2014 F 2do set Tab 7

Board 7

 After South pass, Brum opened 1 and Campos said 1. Pellegrini jumped to 4. Villas Boas competed with 4. West passed, North passed and Pellegrini chose to double.

 Declarer couldn’t make his 10 tricks. Brasileirao 2014 F 2do set Tab 7 a

At the other table after partner’s 1 opening bid, and Muzzio’s 1, Madala began to show his hand with a 2NT call showing 4 or more hearts support.  Bianchedi also supported his partner’s suit with a heart cue bid (showing values).

Figueiredo closed the heart game, Muzzio the spade game, and  Madala chose to say 5… nobody doubled.

Muzzio’s A lead gave declarer an easy play.Brasileirao 2014 F 2do set Tab 9

Board 9

Muzzio opened 1 and Madala competed to 4, his partner closed the club game.

 After losing the first diamond trick, Madala claimed 12 tricks.

 At the other table Pellegrini used a very different approach.Brasileirao 2014 F 2do set Tab 9 a

 After a 1 opening bid, Pellegrini began to show his hand with a 2 bid. After South pass, Brum showed his strong hand with a cue bid: 2.

Pellegrini continued to describe his hand with 2…Now Villas Boas named his heart suit and West showed his good heart stoppers with a 3NT call.

Campos declared the heart game and Pellegrini the club game, South (non-vulnerable) said 5 and Brum closed the club slam.

Here the lead also was a diamond and after losing the trick. declarer claimed the rest.

The last set was coming with an interesting advantage for d’Orsi team.

Here you can find all the hands and how they were played:



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