Brasileiro 2014: The Last Set of the Final


brasileiro largoSeptember 13, 2014

In the Jurerê Il Campanario Village Resort in Florianopolis, Brazil, was being played the 2014 Brasileiro Bridge Teams Championship and BBO was transmitting the last set of the final, these were the teams playing:

d’Orsi: Ernesto D’Orsi – Maurício Figueiredo – João Paulo Campos – Miguel Villas Boas – Agustin Madala

Chagas: Gabriel Chagas – Paulinho Brum – Tito Muzzio – Carlos Pellegrini – Marcelo Branco- Alejandro Bianchedi

The last set begun with d’Orsi team ahead Chagas team by 18 IMPs.

Last Set

An awesome and intense set where Chagas team like in the famous myth of the Phoenix, reborned from its ashes, totaled 81 IMPs to keep the precious title of 2014 Brazilian Champion Teams.

In the first board d’Orsi increased in 8 IMPs more the difference. Brasileirao 2014 F 3er set Tab 17

Board 17Brasileirao 2014 F 3er set Tab 17 a

Madala opened with 1NT and all passed. Declarer was two down.

 At the other table Chagas (North) opened with a 1 bid, Villas Boas in East showed his club suit with 2, after South pass, Campos closed the 3NT game.

Chagas led the K and switched to a diamond trying to reach his partner’s hand. Campos won the trick with the A and played a heart. Chagas played his A and left his hand with his last diamond, the J, declarer played his K, and claimed 11 tricks.

At this very moment of the set started what I would call a nightmare for one side and the glory for the other side… three consecutive double-digit swings in the same column, that left the audience in silence.

Brasileirao 2014 F 2do set Tab 18

Board 18

After two pass, Campos opened his hand with a 1NT bid and Villas Boas closed the 3NT game.

Chagas led his fourth spade and declarer won in his hand to continue with a to the A, to the K and more club. Chagas won the trick with his Q and left his hand playing the 10.

Campos covered with the K and Branco run his 5 diamonds for two down. Brasileirao 2014 F 3er set Tab 18 a

 At the other table Bianchedi opened his hand with a 1 bid, so he ended up as the 3NT declarer.

 Now the lead was from South, who chose to led a diamond, the  only lead that allows declarer to win the contract.

Lead: Q

Bianchedi won the lead with his K and played a diamond!!!

South won the trick with his J and began to run his other three diamonds, Madala began to feel increasingly squezzed, in the A he throw a spade, in the next diamond he pitched a club after seeing declarer throwing a club from dummy. In the last diamond, dummy pitched another club and Madala discarded a spade.

This was the position: Brasileirao 2014 F 2do set Tab 18 pos

Figueiredo left his hand with a heart, and declarer claimed the rest of the tricks for 400 and 11 IMPs.

In the next two boards d’Orsi team played two slams and was down in both of them, Chagas team played two comfortable games harvesting another 24 IMps.Brasileirao 2014 F 3er set Tab 24

Board 23

 Both teams after South’s 1NT opening bid played 4, with South as declarer.

Muzzio led his fifth club, Bianchedi won the trick with his A and switched to a diamond. West covered declarer’s K with his A and played another diamond, declarer won the trick and run the 10.

Bianchedi won with his K and played the K…later on the Q was the fourth defense trick for one down.

At the other table with the same lead, East also won with his A, but he chose to play the K. Declarer won with the A and also run the 10 to East’s K, who continued with his Q.

South played his J trying to deter the continuation of the suit, he was afraid that West had the missing trump. East instead of playing a diamond played a club … which gave declarer the opportunity to win the hand, let’s see how.

South won with the K, played a to the A and a to the Q, pitched a diamond in the Q, went to the table with a heart, continued with the spade finesse and claimed 10 tricks for another 12 IMPs for Chagas team, which at this point of the set had already added 48 IMPs against d’Orsi’s 8 IMps.

In Board 24 Campos-Villas Boas played a slam recovering 11 IMPs as the other table only arrived to  game.Brasileirao 2014 F 3er set Tab 25

Board 25

After listening his partner’s 2 weak opening bid, Campos began with a forcing 3 call, Villas Boas with his 3 informed he didn’t have extras and Campos closed the diamond slam.

Lead: Q

Declarer won with the A, continued with the K and ruffed a heart with dummy’s 10. He run all his diamonds, continued with the A y K, a to the A and claimed 12 tricks for 1370.

At the other table as N/S were white against red they entered the bidding and Figueiredo finished playing 5 doubled, 7 down = 1700…8 IMPs for Chagas.Brasileirao 2014 F 3er set Tab 26

Board 26

Branco, South, opened 2, Chagas answered 2NT, Branco chose to rebid 3 and Chagas closed the spade game.

Campos led his 10 and dummy’s J won the first trick. Declarer continued with a spade to the J, West won with his A to return a small heart from AQJ…he found K in his partner hand and he was able to ruff a club…but that was last defense trick…declarer scored +620.

At the other table the bidding arrived to the fifth level: Brasileirao 2014 F 3er set Tab 26 a

South also chose to open with a 2 call, but here Muzzio said 3, Madala supported his partners suit with a heart cue bid and Bianchedi made a spade cuebid.

South passed, West said 5 and Madala chose to say 5, he was doubled. Declarer was one down…and payed 13 IMPs.Brasileirao 2014 F 3er set Tab 27

Board 27

After Figueiredo’s 1 opening bid, Madala began with a forcing game 2. South rebid his suit, showing a minimum.

Madala showed slam intentions with a 3 bid, and after he listen his partner bid the heart game, he closed the bidding with a 6 call, Figueiredo pass…

Lead: 5

Madala won the lead with the A, played the K, continued with a small diamond to dummy’s J and pitched a club in the A. He ruffed a club in his hand, run trumps and claimed 12 tricks…

At the other table Chagas-Branco arrived to the diamond Grand slam, but declarer was one down. 14 IMPs for d’Orsi. Brasileirao 2014 F 3er set Tab 28

Board 28

After Campos 2NT opening bid and Villas Boas heart transfer, the partnership ended in a 4 contract.

Chagas led the 4 and Branco won the trick with his A, to return the Q. Campos won with his A, he draw trumps and played a club. South won with his A and played a diamond for one down…If declarer would have played a small diamond in the first one…he would have been able to fulfill his contract.

The same contract was played at the other table, with the same lead but South after winning the first trick with his A, returned a spade, and so declarer didn’t have the opportunity to make mistakes and made his contract.

Here you can find all the hands and how they were played: