Tom Hanlon

Source: Lavings

A Bridge Too Far? A first year as a pro By Tom Hanlon with Enda Murphy (Acumen Press, 2007, soft cover, 305 pages)

Tom Hanlon, generally recognised as Ireland’s best player, tells a story with many sub-plots and a great many deals. On almost every page there are one or two hands that ask the reader to pass or bid, to bid or double, or to finesse or play for the drop. You will meet most of the world’s top players, not always at their best.

On one deal, Zia decides to bid 6NT with singleton king in the opponent’s suit, on the basis that the suit will not be led because he is advertising king doubleton. Alas, opponents take the first seven tricks.

On this deal Tom’s partner in crime, Hugh McGann, found a devilish bid in the 2006 European Championships:

4 was systemically a splinter, reducing the attraction of leading a heart. West led A, so the contract made easily.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book, firstly as an engrossing read, and secondly as a look at how bridge is played at or near the top.

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