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Since many years ago in the game of bridge is used the bidding box, a box containing all the different bids (1 club or diamond, double, redouble, Pass etc), each player has to show his bid so that other players can watch it, to do this in every table there are four bidding boxes, which take up space on the table. It is not uncommon that a bidding box finish on the floor with the consequent problems.

This different way of biiding system consists of:

1) A folder on the table in which each side has printed a series of numbers from 1 to 7.

2) a container with about 28 chips where each player «choose the trump suit or NT», Photo biddingset, and puts a chip at the number listed in the game folder.

The tabs are: clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades, NT, double, redouble, pass.

This method offers the following advantages:  One single object on the table instead of 4, has a much lower value, less work before each tournament and at the end … lower maintenance cost, occupies less storage space, has a longer life.

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