The News – 31 Mar 1995

«Dear Tannah:

I played in the Macallan Sunday Times Tournament in London with Zia Mahmood. Although we did not particularly distinguish ourselves, I think you’ll find this hand, played against the eventual winners Jeff Meckstroth and Eric Rodwell, rather amusing.

I transferred to hearts over Zia’s two no trump opening bid and Rodwell doubled. When Zia redoubled to show diamonds, I knew that the suits would not be breaking well so I elected to pass, and three diamonds redoubled became the final contract.

Both vulnerable. South deals.aaxx

«Had Rodwell led the singleton heart,  defenders would have been able to collect two heart ruffs, two spade tricks and a trump. However, West chose to lead a low club, taken in dummy. A low spade was ducked to West, a spade was returned to East and I ruffed the third spade.

«I could now cross to dummy safely with a heart, unblock the ace of clubs and return to hand with the king of diamonds to discard a heart of the queen of clubs. I now led my last trump and, when West played low, finessed the nine.

As a result, the defenders were held to two trump tricks and two spades, and we scored up a delightful +840 for a huge gain. Loved our trip to South Africa. As ever, Omar