Believing the Opponents

Bob Crosby
Bob Crosby

The opponents are not on your side. There is a Bridge platitude “trust your partner before the opponents”. Yes it is far better to trust a disciplined partner when the auction starts to sound a bit weird. Trust your partner for her values and double the opponents if they have extended themselves. Just because the opponents bid a game it does not mean they are going to make it. Pseudo sacrifices will happen all the time if you think that way.

Sometimes you have to rely on the opponents bidding to fill in the blanks to get a reading on partners HCP’s. I held the following hand the other day AQx AJ10xx AKQ xx and the auction went

1 Pass 1NT Doblo
Pass 2 Pass ?

You have 20 HCP’s and there has been an opening bid and a response by the opponents. Give partner this gorgeous collection xxxx xxx xxx xxx and 2 is too high. In match points you should pass and IMPS you should make one try by bidding 3. Partner has 1098xxx x Jxxx xx and with a good spade position you make +650 as she leaps to game !

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