Friday 20th September 2013, Bali

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Open Final Rankings
Rank Team VPs
1 ITALY 166.80
2 MONACO 158.15
3 JAPAN 157.68
4 POLAND 154.53
5 GERMANY 154.02
6 USA1 146.10
8 CHINA 133.90
Ladies Final Rankings
Rank Team VPs
2 USA2 162.57
3 USA1 162.27
4 CHINA 156.62
5 POLAND 156.50
6 ENGLAND 148.16
7 FRANCE 147.48
8 CANADA 125.40
Senior Final Rankings
Rank Team VPs
1 BELGIUM 170.54
2 FRANCE 161.82
3 USA2 161.10
4 GERMANY 156.52
5 SCOTLAND 156.37
6 POLAND 144.21
7 INDONESIA 144.15
8 USA1 143.29


WBF Daily Bulletin

For some teams in the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and d’Orsi Seniors Trophy, dreams of making the top eight have gone up in smoke. Th ere are, however, many teams just a blitz or two away from the magic spot putting them in the knockout round that begins on Tuesday.

In the Bermuda Bowl, Italy started the day on Friday in fi rst and solidifi ed their position, but they are being hotly pursued by Monaco, Japan, Poland and Germany.

The Netherlands women are nearly a full match ahead of second-place USA2, with USA1 only about one-third of a victory point behind.

Belgium, who took the lead in the Seniors after the second day of qualifying play, is still solidly in fi rst. All teams have nine matches left to play.


A video recorded by the WBF, where you will be able to watch in four minutes the first day of the championships. The protagonists are the players so that many of them appear at different moments, the video lasts less than five minutes.

A really nice video that all bridge player undoubtedly will enjoy.