16th September 2013

The first bulletin has been published – enjoy ! [button link=»http://www.worldbridge.org/repository/tourn/bali.13/microsite/bulletins/Bul_01.pdf» size=»small» window=»yes»]Click Here to read it[/button] and [button link=»http://csbnews.org/?p=33500″ size=»small» window=»yes»]Cowboys vs Gauchos[/button]

Argentina ladies

The first day antidoping draw, was for: Argentina, Netherlands, Monaco and Japan. All negatives, for Argentina was Nano Rizzo.

Monday 16,  12 PM:

 BB, VC and SEN BBO VG transmition.

 The two Zone III Open representatives, will be in the 1st BBO-VG session:

Argentina vs USA2 and Brazil vs USA1.

This is what Martin Fleisher wrote in his bridgewinners blog: The opening ceremonies were exciting as all of the teams were introduced. Tomorrow we play, in order, a good team from Argentina, powerhouse Italy, and the USA-1 team who creamed us in the finals of the US trials. This is, by far, our toughest day of the seven-day round robin, so as our captain said, we need to come ready to play. Michael (Kamil) and I are playing with Chip-Zia against ARGENTINA in the first match.

In the second session Argentina volvera al VG pero esta vez frente a Inglaterra. El resto de los matches a transmitir son: