Bali 2013: USA x 3


Tuesday September 26 2013, Bali

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In the Wednesday, 25th September 2013 of the 41st World Bridge Championships — Bali, Indonesia, daily bulletin appeared this little note.

USA tops in VPs in Bali by Herman De Wael
Thirteen nations qualified to send a team to each of the three championships in Bali, so we can now check which of them is the best nation overall. The three teams labeled USA1 are added, as are the three USA2s. They get first and fourth place respectively. Netherlands eases out Poland to become the top European nation. USA1 823.56; Netherlands 799.68; Poland 796.95; USA2 779.78 first four positions.

One more day of play afterwards, USA is the only country that has 1 team in each world championship.

Bali 2013: USA1
Bali 2013: USA1
Bali 2013: USA2
Bali 2013: USA2
Bali 2013: USA2
Bali 2013: USA2

Bermuda Bowl: USA1: Kevin Bathurst – Kevin Dwyer- John Kranyak – Gavin Wolpert- Bobby Levin – Steve Weinstein
NPC: Shane Blanchard

Venice Cup: USA 2: Disa Eythorsdottir – Janice Seamon-Molson – Jill Levin – Jenny Wolpert Jill Meyers – Migry Zur-Campanile

d’Orsi Seniors Cup: USA 2: Roger Bates – Garey Hayden – Marc Jacobus – Eddie Wold-Carolyn Lynch – Mike Passell
NPC: Donna Compton

After a hard day…a peacefull night…by Catalina Robles, Bali 2013