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Martin Fleisher
Martin Fleisher
USA-2 Diary, Day 3 – A new hope
by Martin Fleisher Sept. 19

Today was our first good day. We played a close match against GERMANY, winning by an IMP to get 10.3 victory points (VPs). We then got 16.73 VP against EGYPT and all 20 against GUADELOUPE (with a remarkable score of 82-0 after 15 boards although we lost 11 on the last). So we’re back in it, standing 14th about 13 VPs out of the last qualifying spot.

Tomorrow is a key day. We play... [button link=»http://bridgewinners.com/article/view/usa-2-diary-day-4-still-moving-up-a-bit/» size=»small» window=»yes»]Click here to continue reading[/button]