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Bali 2013: September 28th…29/9 Schedule and more

Saturday September 28 2013, Bali

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The Bermuda Bowl final between Monaco and Italy was expected to be a tough struggle as two powerful, evenly matched teams faced off for the top prize in world bridge. Halfway through the 96-board match, it hasn’t worked out as many imagined. With a near shutout in the third set (15-2), Italy’s lead with 48 boards to play stands at 114-47. There is plenty of time for Monaco to rally, but Italy will have something to say about that. It’s tighter in the Venice Cup and d’Orsi Seniors Trophy. USA2 suffered a 14-IMP loss on the fi nal board of the third set but still lead 112-107.3 against England, and in the Seniors, Germany is up 102-76. In the World Transnational Open Teams, Gordon (an American squad) will face SAIC VW in the 48-board fi nal. Gordon defeated White House (Netherlands) 109-64. SAIC VW edged PD Times 71-68.

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WBF President Gianarrigo Rona, second from right, with the team for Jack, champions of
the 2013 World Computer-Bridge Championship.

Jack takes computer title
By Al Levy

The first Gold Medal of these games goes not to a human, but to a robot. The 17th World Computer-Bridge Championships ended today with Jack (The Netherlands) crowned World Champion, defeating WBridge5 (France) in the final KO match 153-131. The five-day round robin ended with WBridge5 first with 69.45 VPs and Jack second with 60.33 VPs. Out of the money were Q-Plus Bridge (Germany) with 54.81 VPs, Micro Bridge (Japan) with 48.03 VPs, Shark Bridge (Denmark) with 39.13 VPs and Bridge Baron (USA) with 28.47 VPs. This was a rematch of last year’s fi nal, with Jack retaining its title. Congratulations to Hans Kuijf, developer of Jack, and Yves Costel, developer of WBridge5. Al Levy is the organizer of the computer championships .


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