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Bali 2013: September 27th…28/9 Schedule and more

Friday September 27 2013, Bali

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Trailing by 14 IMPs with four boards to go in the Venice Cup against a strong team from the Netherlands, USA2 had their work cut out for them. They came through in dramatic fashion, scoring 30 IMPs on the next three boards and a push on the last to turn a 165-151 deficit into a 181-165 victory. The comeback started with a doubled contract that was redoubled and defeated for a 7-IMP swing, followed by a doubled slam that went down for 11 IMPs and a misdefended 3NT for another 12. Th e victory earned USA2 a date with England, easy winners over China, in the final.

There was less drama in the Bermuda Bowl, where Poland withdrew after four sets, down 201-79 to Italy, and Monaco took the measure of USA1 241.7-160. Th e Americans seemed to be mounting a rally midway through the sixth and fi nal set, but Monaco pulled away.

In the d’Orsi Senior Trophy, Germany defeated France 222-195 to remove the last of the defenders from the 41st World Bridge Teams Championships. In the final, the Germans will face USA2, 241-178 winners over Poland.

In the World Transnational Open Teams, the sem-ifi nal match-ups are White House versus Gordon, PD Times versus SAIC VW. In the only close quarter-fi nal match, Gordon rallied from 33 down with a set to go, winning the fi nal set 63-20.


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