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Bali 2013: North-South Importance


Sunday, 22 September 2013, BsAs

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Nicolás García Uriburu (born December 24, 1937) is an Argentine contemporary artist, landscape architect and ecologist. His work in land art are aimed at raising consciousness about environmental issues such as water pollution. He was invited to the prestigious Venice Biennale in June 1968, where García Uriburu dyed Venice’s Grand Canal using fluorescein, a pigment which turns a bright green when synthesized by microorganisms in the water.

The concepts of Nicolás García Uriburu are in nature and are aimed at the common man with the intention of transforming it. One of his stronger paintings is SouthAmerica painted backwards … which conveys his idea that the North indicated at the top in a planisphere  is subjective but with great symbolic force.

Italy won the 2011 Bermuda Bowl Round Robin. Not only won, he won easily or at least that was the general feeling.That year the semifinalists were: USA1, USA2, Italy and the Netherlands. Since two USA teams cant arrive to the finals, in one semifinal USA1 and USA 2 had to eliminate each other and the other semifinal faced Italy and Holland. To the surprise of many Holland won the semifinal to Italy and later won the BB 2011.

Bali 2013: Italy-the Netherlands faced in Round 18, certainly a highly anticipated match in Italy. The first board that broke the balance was number 19 where the Netherlands arrived to a slam where Italy only game.

Board 19. Dealer South. E-W Vulnerable.
  A Q 8 4 3
K T 8
A T 7 3
A Q 3
K Q J 5 2
T 8 7 6
  9 7 5
J 9 7 5 4
8 4
9 3 2
  K J T 2
6 2
9 6
A K Q J 5

Double Dummy, you can see that you can win 6 with South as declarer because the A is on side. North always wins the 6 slam. Only 3 pairs in the BB arrived to 6 by South and other 3 arrived to 6 by North. VC three played 6 by North, two by South. In Senior 3 pairs played the spade slam, by North. All declarers of all the Championships played a game or a slam in spades and made 12 tricks.

De Wijs Bocchi Muller Madala
1 1 Paso 3
Paso 4 Paso 4
The End      

Madala opened 1, De Wijs showed his diamonds and Bocchi showed his five spades in transfer. Madala accepted the suit and showed interest, the controls begun. When Madala informed his partner he didnt have first or second control in hearts and diamonds, Bocchi with Kxx couldnt arrive to slam, South was declarer.

In the other room:

Versace Drijver Lauria Brink
1 1 Paso 3
Paso 3NT Paso 4
Paso 4 Paso 5
Paso 5 Paso 6
The End      

The bidding also was in transfer, so declarer also was South, but this didnt discourage the N/S pair, they declared the spade slam and they made it thanks to the A position.

At the end Italy won the match 40 to 25.


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