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Bali 2013: Messi in the World Final

Friday September 27 2013, Bali

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Tomorrow is the  Bermuda Bowl final, the final of the World Bridge Open Teams Championship. After battling, playing an average of 50 boards per day, for a week and a half, Italy and Monaco won the right to face each other to decide who the best bridge team in the world is, at least until 2015.

These are Italy 6 players:

Madala-Bocchi y Versace- Lauria y Duboin-Sementa

These are Monaco’s 6 players:

Fantoni-Nunes y Helness-Helgemo y Multon-Zimmermann

One of Monaco’s partnerships is Fantoni-Nunes, an historical Italian team member.

Among the Italy’s players the one who generates more interest is Agustin Madala, because tomorrow will be playing his first world final. Agustin isn’t 30 years yet and although he is Juanita’s father, he is really very young; he has almost half the average age of the remaining players from the final.

Agustin learned to play with his father Adolfo Madala, Argentine professional bridge player and professor, and since several years he is a member of the Italian bridge team. For his successes around the world, Agustin has earned the pseudonym: «The Messi of Bridge» and such as when Messi plays for Barcelona, tomorrow the whole Argentina will be Italian.

This is the Round Robin match where they played only 16 boards, (they are going to be playing two days. Each day they are going to be playing 3 matchs / 16 boards each).

ITALY MONACO 30 18 13.28 6.7

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