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Wednesday September 2013

September 08, 2013 7:05AM:  BRAZIL made good their pledge to treat their Independence Day friendly against Australia like a World Cup match, trouncing the outclassed Socceroos 6-0 at the Mane Garrincha stadium on Sunday

Today in Bali the first round of the day confronted Brazil with Australia again, but today the athletes used cards instead of a ball. 

Brazil was: Campos-Villas Boas (E/O)  Chagas- Brum (N/S)


Board 17

Although the first board was a push, the bidding seemed to indicate a more aggressive approach from Australia.

Paul Lavings (AUS) opened his hand with a 1 bid and ended as a 3 declarer, two down. At the other table Chagas (BRA) also played 3 two down, but he opened the hand with a 2 weak bid.

Board 18

 In one of the rooms Brazil arrived to a 4 contract. After East’s weak 2 opening bid, Chagas reopened the bidding with a double, as N/S couldnt arrive to 3NT because of no heart stopper, they decided to stop before game. They scored +130.

At the other table, Australia again displayed an aggressive tactic. Villas Boas also opened 2 weak, but here South doubled, West raised to the third level and Lavings closed the spade game. Campos penalized. The declarer was two down…12 costly IMPs.

 It make me remember the [button link=»http://csbnews.org/bali-2013-gauchos-vs-cowboys/» size=»small» window=»yes»]Argentina-USA2 match[/button] where the first IMPs for Argentina were due to super-aggressive USA2 moves.

Board 21

After a weak 1NT opening bid by East, Chagas instead of defending 4 chose to play 4 …opps penalized him. The declarer went one down = -200. In the other table Brazil also arrived to a 4 contract but this time Australia chose to defend. The declarer was two down and Australia (collecting in both tables) recovered 7 IMPs.

As an irony of fate in the next Board Australia, went down on both tables and thus Brazil recovered 5 IMPs.

Board 23

Another Australian aggressive opening bid. Bilski opened 1 and finished playing 2NT two down.

 In the other table West passed the hand and Brazil ended playing 2, done 3 = +140, 8 IMPs for Brazil.

 From board 24 to 31 Australia recovered 8 IMPs.

 Board 32

 The hand again showed different bridge criterias. Bilski opened his hand with a 2 call and his partner chose to defend with 4, when Brazil reached the 4 contract. The 4 hearts are cold but the vulnerability made the sacrifice an expensive one…-500

In the other room Campos didnt open the board and Brazil let Australia play his 4. The australian players made their 10 tricks, but at a 2 IMPs cost. The match ended with the Brazilean victory by only 12 IMPs.

Brazil stayed with the bridge victory, but this time was almost a push…

Below a documentary that shows how much the Australian youth knows Brazil as a country.