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Bali 2013: Italy-Monaco: Final 4th Set

Sunday September 29 2013, Bali

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2013 Bermuda Bowl Final: Italy – Monaco 1st Set

Italy: Madala-Bocchi y Versace- Lauria

Monaco: Helness-Helgemo y Fantoni- Nunes

  In the first 9 boards of the set Monaco added 24 IMPs. In board 10, Italy for the first time in the set scored a positive swing of 9 IMPs for playing a 1NT contract instead of the 3NT one down played by HH (Helgemo-Helness).

 Board 27 was a missed opportunity for both sides. Double dummy, is easy see that N/S has 6, but no 6NT.

 Madala showed a one colour minimum hand, with extra length in clubs. Bocchi chose to play 6NT, one down.

  At the other table the bidding was:

Nunes opened with 2 = 13 (good 9) 5+ no balanced. Fantoni after realizing that they didnt have a spade fit, also chose to play a NT slam, one down. 

USA1 is playing the BB play offs with Poland (this set USA 1 scored 34 IMPs more than Poland and now they are less than 5 IMPs away) was the only team in the three championships that brought home 6.

Board 28 was a new opportunity for Monaco. Helgemo opened 1 and Helness showed his spades, Madala interrupted with a 2 call but H-H managed to declare a spade game. 

Madala lead his A and switched to the 8.

Declarer played a little one from dummy and Bocchi’s K won the trick, the club return was taken with dummy’s A. A spade to the A and more spade, the Q appears, K. Helness finished drawing trumps, played the Q and let run the 9 to North’s Q. Declarer ruffed the club return, lose a diamond and claim his contract.

 At the other table, Fantunes played 3 one down…8 IMPs for Monaco.

In the next three boards Italy found 11 IMPs more but Monaco in the very last board of the match managed to add 2 IMps to his total. The set finished 34 to 20…for Monaco…the match was:  Italy 134 Monaco 81.


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