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Bali 2013: Italy-Argentina

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Yesterday nigth Fernando Lema, talking about this match, asked himself: » Tomorrow we start playing against Italy, tough endeed, lets see which rhythm prevails: the tarantella or perhaps a valsecito criollo? difficult to forecast, we’ll see …»


Argentina was: Ravenna-Alujas (N/S) y Pellegrini-Camberos (O/E)

Italia was: Sementa-Duboin (N/S) y lauria y Versace (O/E)

Italy began with heavy artillery from the very first board, where thanks to a nice slam they scored their first 11 IMPs.

Board 1

Sementa opened 1, Camberos showed his diamonds and Duboin his spades. Sementa raised spades and Duboin said 3NT. But North wanted more, he started with controls, continued with keycards and closed the spade slam. Declarer didnt have problem to bring home his contract.

 In the other room the bidding was short and expensive:

 After  Ravenna’s 1, Versace showed his diamonds and Alujas his spades, now Ravenna chose to show his inviting or more hand in spades, but when his partner didnt show interest, he closed the game = 12 tricks = -11IMPs.

In the second board…the same situation … this time 1 IMP more expensive.

Board 2

Camberos opened his hand with a 2 bid, Duboin showed a NT opening hand, Sementa showed his diamonds and they didnt stop before slam. Declarer only loser was the A. In the other table the bidding sequence was:

Alujas opened with a 1NT bid. Ravenna showed a hand with short hearts and 5-4 minimum in the minors. Alujas showed no interest and closed in 3NT, other 12 IMPs for Italy.

Argentina added his first IMP in Board 3 but in Board 4, again Italy produced a nother swing, making 4 with an overtrick, where Argentina was two down.

The match was Argentina 1-Italy 36. In Board 6 Argentina recovered 6 IMPs.

Board 8

Ravenna opened 2, Alujas answered 2 negative, and finished as declarer of a 4 contract. The italians stopped in the 5th level, trying to find another slam, only 10 tricks one down and 11 IMPs for Argentina.

 Board 9

Lauria found the only lead to defeat the contract. After a 1NT opening bid by Alujas, and Ravenna’s 3 showing 5 hearts and 4 spades, the argentines decided to play 4.

Lauria lead the K and declarer was down. First trick was A, but when he continued with a club, Lauria played his A, the Q, and a little club to his partners K, and ruffed the spade return…1 down.

At the other table, same contract, same declarer, but a heart lead. Now declarer could safely play for 10 tricks…

The match was Argentina 17-Italy 46.

   Board 13

 Italy again played a slam (this slam was found only in 4 of the 22 tables) who needed the A in South third. After Versace 1NT, Lauria transfered to club. When his partner answered YES I like them, he asked keycards and  declared the club slam.

Alfredo Versace

 The lead was a club. It seems as if the only way declarer has to get read of a heart loser is to pitch it in the K, for that he needs the A third in South…And that was the line declarer chose and received +1370 in reward.

 The argentines developed the same bidding sequence  but Pellegrini received a negative answer and closed the bidding in 3NT.  12 IMPs for Italy.

 BBO commentators begun to argue if Q J was positive or not…till one kibitzer wrote: East can say 2NT, but after his partner’s 3NT, as he knows what his partner was looking for, he can say 4 – with Q J – partner can sign off with 4NT or continue…All were really happy with such a Salomonic solution.

Italy now was 44 IMPs ahead.

Board 15 was a much needed fresh aire for Argentina, who was gasping…

In one of the tables nobody considered his hand worth opening…

 In the other, Italy arrived to a heart game, Argentina penalized. Two down = -500 = 11 IMPs, in the last board Argentina added other 5 IMPs.

 And was tarantela…but the argentines left the room whistling softly a valsecito, the last 16 IMPs seemed really a miracle.





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