InicioBali 2013 @enBali 2013: Daily Chronical Day 4 by Fernando Lema

Bali 2013: Daily Chronical Day 4 by Fernando Lema

A TOUGH DAY: NO samba… NO tango!
Both for Argentina and Brazil yesterday was a hard day, not only they had to play against each other; they also clashed with some of the favorites teams to win the event.
Jon Sveindal & John Carruthers
Jon Sveindal & John Carruthers, two friends

The players are very tired after three days of grueling competition, and the situation is starting to show, not used to so long and demanding competition. Perhaps we should go over the way we organize our tournaments, which perhaps are too short, with very few hands and not so demanding, this makes us to pay a high price, and more! considering that the hardest part is yet to come.
By the time both South American representatives are outside the positions of privilege, and tomorrow they will have to play well to stay in the fight for the classification. So everyone can go lighting a candle!!!.
During the day there were several meetings, the most important was Goa’s presentation: his proposal to organize the same event in 2015.
I made some interviews for the official site of the WBF and shared the evening dinner with the ladies from Philipines and New Zealand Open, but my mood was not the best.
In Bali, the players at the end of the day try to relax and shake like dogs to get rid of the stress of hours of  play to an unrecognizable level for most people.
This is a Catalina Robles’s video where Kranyak (USA1) dance with all the little ones from the hotel the real famous Gangnam dance:
Yester Brazil’s last match was against Italy, this is a BBO video with Madala-Bocchi saying hello to all the kibitzers:
 This was all for today, tomorrow is another day, hopefully better than today!



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