Fernando Lema con la Equipo Damas de Indonesia
The Argentina won his first match of the day by good margin, but then came the night, after losing some few IMPs against Guadeloupe, we were second in the standings and our next match was against the defending champion: The Netherlands. The match was very even until the last 4 boars where the Dutch took a wide difference winning by 26 IMPs. We Finished the day in the fifth position.
Agustin Madala en Bali 2013
Agustin Madala en Bali 2013
Brazil meanwhile began the day defeating Australia by 12 IMPs, and continued in a Vossa spirit beating USA 2 by a wide margin in hos first match of the day que played against Guadeloupe beating them by 2 IMPs, this got them to the 7th position.
At night I was very tired, I eat with Agustin Madala in the hotel restaurant over the beach, there was an extraordinary show, an Indonesian flamenco ballet!
Tomorrow we start playing against Italy, tough endeed, lets see which rhythm prevails: the tarantella or perhaps a valsecito criollo? difficult to forecast, we’ll see …

By ferlema