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Bali 2013: Daily Chronical Day 2 by Fernando Lema

2:37 AM September 18th Bali

After the first playing day

Pablo Ravenna

Argentina makes rum rum! Today was a long day; a hard but wonderful day for Argentina!

The Championships began at 11:00 am and already you could feel some strain on the aire.
 Both Argentina and Brazil had a rough day ahead, both two starting to play against the U.S. representatives (USA1 and USA2). Both matchs finished dancing tango and samba!,  An historic day.
 After a short break began the second round where England faced Argentina and Brazil faced Poland, the British warned by the level shown by the Argentines in the first match, formed with their two best pairs, either way the Argentines showed a better game and managed to prevail. The Brazilians lost meanwhile few imps against the Poles.
Eduardo Barcellos; Cecilia Previde y Sergio Aranha

After the second round of the RR, Argentina finished first in the general classification! The third round faced them against Chinese Taipei, and once again there was nothing to do; 32 Imps apart to finish topping the standings after the first day. Although there is still a long way, expectations are great! As for Brazil, they won their match against Egypt  finishing tenth in the general.

Gianarrigo Rona
Gianarrigo Rona
 During the afternoon there was the annual WBF Committe meeting for the renewal of authorities within the board. The current president Mr. Gianarrigo Rona was re-elected for a further term of four years.
At night dinner with Virginia and Sergio Aranha and Eduardo Barcellos, where we listen some Elvis Presley songs, was fun to hear «Always on my mind» sung in Indonesian.

Paulinho, Nicola, Fernando e Sally

9:37  September 17th, Bali

Warming Engines

  All the BB, VC & SEN teams are prepared for the action!
Yesterday, 17hs was the captains meeting, no news good news. At 20:00hs begun the Opening ceremony, where was introduced each team in alphabetical order.
 It was very exciting to see how the members of the different countries, with their respective uniform, stand up and were applauded by the entire audience.
 Afterwards, some speeches from the Indonesian authorities, and were performed songs and dances of different regions of the country. Finally the President of the WBF Mr. Gianarrigo Rona delivered a short speech and declared open the three championships.
 At the end we were offered a nice buffet, however there was no alcohol, only water without gas according to the religious customs of the country, however we could buy some drinks at the bar of the convention center.
Finally everyone returned to his hotel: After 23:00 all the pubs and the hallways were deserted, all the athletes were resting to be in perfect physical and emotional shape for the competences.

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